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There is no substitute for the quality-of-life good vision offers, therefore early screening and detection of AMD is vital. If detected early, adequate supplementation can slow, halt and prevent the progression of AMD.

Vitasight provides a comprehensive screening and supplementation programme.

The programme consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Screening

Your optometrist will be able to assess the health and condition of your macular pigment (MP) using a Macular Pigment Screener. This quick and easy test provides a reading with the density of your MP. Based on this reading your optometrist will decide whether you are at risk of developing AMD and whether you need to take Vitasight.

Step 2: Sign up

With the help of your optometrist, you will be able sign up to have your annual (12) supply of Vitasight either delivered to your optometrist or your home. Payment may be made via debit order or via credit card for your annual supply.

Step 3: Annual repeat screening

The level of your MP should then be monitored annually. After one year of taking Vitasight, you are advised to have another test in order to monitor the condition of your MP.